Saturday, May 28, 2005

It is so wonderful to have the summer coming!!!! The sun was shining the whole day...and I was..inside the schools' building doing the BEC (Business English Certificate) Vantage exam. It was very difficult!! I hope I'll pass it..'cause it was really expensive..hehe..and it will be my grade for english...we didn't do any other exams. in the afternoon we had the speaking part.

I had lunch with Steffi at Migros Restaurant...we had a great salad...wow...it was so warm!!! surely 30 degrees in the shade :-) After the speaking part I went outside and read a little bit for myself...forgetting about school and exams coming up.
I stayed there for about 15min and the sun was covered by dark clouds...a warm wind...and well...now, one hour later, it's very dark outside but it isn't raining yet.

On May 26th I read a very interesting article about suicide rates in the world. Switzerland is at the 6th place...after Lituania, Russia, Hungary, Japan and Austria. Most men kill themselves with a gun and most women with poison. But in general, the suicide rates are higher by men...the swiss government is trying to make something to change that...there's even a organisation: "Initiative zur Praevention von Suizid in der Schweiz". Do u know how it looks like in other countries? Are there organisations? or are there people that do something against it?

Hope u r not shocked!! I just thought it was really interesting :-)
Oh and take a look at my pictures...I've been updating it a lot!!!
take care and sending u sunshine + love from here!

Obs: hmmm...I love thunderstorms...it reminds me of Brazil...of my sweet home and mostly of my father who loves to watch the dark clouds coming :-)

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Oi Sy! o fim de semana realmente estava lindo!! fui para o zürisee com o pessoal da wg e na limmat! uma delicia!
Sy tive q pensar em vc, pq em sozialpäda estamos tratando o thema suicidio (pq isso tem a ver com os alunos problemáticos e o trablho dos sozialpädagogen..)se vc quiser posso te dar o material q recebei na facu..tmb achei bem iteressante... bom shibiru boa sexta feira (o; beijao
Hi Sy,
Long time no read...and your birthday is just there at the door.
An early happy birthday just in case I forget to say it on the actual day. You know what I am like.
BTW, check out my new project at http://dekita.org. You can also listen to welcome message at:
When are you going to Barcelona?
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